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A Word From Papa Stan

We have now completed the first half-year of operating the ministry of Rocsana’s Hope here in Guatemala. It has been an exciting 6 months and what’s more, it is only the beginning of a ministry that we truly believe is going to make a difference in the lives of dozens, if not hundreds, of young ladies. The ministry now has three young ladies who are living here and preparing for their futures. Diana was the first to come to us in April and she has adjusted really well to being here. She is currently enrolled in classes for English as well as a free class on how to do nails. She loves that kind of thing and is excelling. Next came Fabiana in May. Fabiana was trying to make it on the street with her brother and was not doing well. She was accepted into our program. She is a go-getter and is doing really well. Besides working a job up the street, she is enrolling for classes next year and is working towards becoming a teacher of history and art. Finally, Darling was accepted into our program the first week of June. She cried a lot her first day but since has adjusted wonderfully. She is still enrolled in and attending school at the high school level and will be done with this year in October, after which she might need another year before she can graduate. Every girls’ situation is different but they all have a similar heart. They are grateful to be here and thankful that they get to be a part of a program that is going to impact the rest of their lives. What a joy this has been. God is so good.

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