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Laying the Foundation

There’s an old saying that says: the larger the building, the more solid and firm the foundation must be in order for it to stand. That is what I have been doing during this time back in the United States. The foundation for the ministry of Rocsana’s Hope is being laid brick by brick and stone by stone. God has been opening many doors here in the States for Denise and I to present the ministry of Rocsana’s Hope and to share the vision that God has given us. To help these precious girls in Guatemala right now, who currently have no hope and are just waiting for us to open our doors and begin to help them. I have also been making regular trips back and forth to Guatemala in preparation for all of the work that must be done in order for us to open our doors and begin operation as a ministry rescuing young girls who have been orphaned. I will be heading back down to Guatemala in September to begin the process of finding the exact home that we are going to secure as the headquarters for the ministry of Rocsana’s Hope. We are looking in the city of San Lucas which is located between Guatemala City and the City of Antigua, Guatemala. This is a great area that will give us the most opportunity for helping girls and puts us in the best position to partner and network with many of the orphanages that we will be working with in Guatemala. I will be meeting with local pastors, missionaries, ministry directors, business leaders, and orphanage directors as we begin the process of forming partnerships and working with the structures that are in place in Guatemala at this time. We have already been coordinating with some local missionaries and orphanages in the area and will be meeting with them when I am down there in September. We ask that you be in prayer for this next trip as we continue to lay the groundwork on the foundation for opening the doors of Rocsana’s Hope’s ministry. Please pray that we will locate the right property and house that we will be turning into the headquarters and ministry home of Rocsana’s Hope. Also, that the Lord will allow us to connect with the right people, the right churches, the right pastors, and the right ministries. The Lord has been blessing us with people, coming out of the woodwork, who want to help us, who have committed to help us, and who are catching the vision for this unique and innovative ministry that no one else is doing right now. We are grateful to the Lord for how much He has blessed us and how many people He is bringing to help. Only He can do what has been done and we want to make sure to give all honor and glory to Him. We also thank all of you, our loving and faithful supporters, who have been behind us or have just recently joined our team and are making the vision of Rocsana\’s Hope become a reality.

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