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Jeff McClaran and I depart for Guatemala on Monday, October 15th. We will be providing regular updates as we go. We have several objectives that we hope to accomplish while we are there and ask for fervent prayer as we go that God will prepare the way, open the doors, and connect us with the people who will be able to help us take these next steps. While there we hope to: 1. We are setting up meetings with orphanages, local ministries, and other missionaries to begin networking with them and share the vision of Rocsana’s Hope. Pray that God will bring us to the right people who will be able to work with us and that we will be able to help through our ministry. 2. This is a big one. We are going to dedicate much time to looking for our ministry headquarters. In order to find what we are looking for, we will need to connect with local people who know the area and can show us what is available. In general they do not have rental listings like they do in the United States. We will have to find people that know the area and can show us places that are available but are not listed in any way. Pray that God will direct us to the right people who will be able to show us the place we are looking for. 3. Also pray for the exact place. We are honestly not sure what will be best for our needs, whether it be a single large home, a complex with several houses on it, or separate homes and buildings in proximity to each other. We are going to see what is available and trust God to show us the one we need the most. We are truly going in faith on this and believe God will direct us to the right location and place. 4. Pray also for God’s provision should we find the right house or complex. If it is possible, I am hoping to put a deposit down on a place if we find the right one. I have no idea how much that will be but I am asking that God will provide whatever is needed to secure the right place when we find it. Pray that God will provide the necessary funds and make those available when the time comes. 5. We are going to be visiting churches as well and looking for those who we can partner with and work together with in our community. Pray that God will lead us to the right churches and that we will meet local pastors and congregations who can help us and we can help them.

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