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To bring faith, hope and love to orphan girls needing hope for a brighter future in their darkest hour of need!

Rocsana’s Hope is an independent, non-governmental, social development organization that has been providing support to those in need since 2018. We work in an array of areas, supporting the community, hospital ministry, vocational training, education, disaster relief, etc. but our primary focus is the care and protection of orphan girls in transition. Rocsana’s Hope is a unique and innovative ministry that gives young girls, who grew up as orphans, a place where they can continue to grow and develop into able independent adults that can successfully take care of themselves in their culture and society.

The Mission works hard to provide a loving home and family for every girl in its care, working hard to promote family values and impart a spirit of responsibility in every member of the organization.

When a girl ages out of her orphanage and has nowhere to go and no one to help them, we are contacted to see if we can take her and admit her to our program. Once she is received into the home she immediately begins the process of making the transition from young orphan to functional adult. Our girls have immediate access to many wonderful and needed aspects of assistance.

how we do it

Breaking Chains: Rocsana's Hope and the Road to Independent Adulthood

Rocsana’s Hope is specifically focusing on one of the most vulnerable demographics and offering them the help and assistance they so desperately need. In essence, we help them finish the transition from being a young, vulnerable orphan to a functional and independent adult, no matter what it takes.

secure and loving home

When a girl comes to our home they become part of a family that loves them and truly has their best interest at heart. They also are given the chance to finish growing up in an environment where they will be supported and protected from those who would try to exploit and use them.

their needs

In our commitment to a brighter future, every girl entrusted to us receives essential life provisions. This encompasses not only nourishing food, impeccable hygiene, and vital medical services but also empowers them with the knowledge to independently secure these fundamental needs.

emotional and spiritual health

In the wake of unspeakable challenges, our girls often bear the weight of profound abuse, loss, and abandonment. Committed to their well-being, we provide ongoing professional support, guiding them towards progress. Equally vital is their spiritual journey—we prioritize fostering growth and development in their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Through unwavering care, we ensure their emotional and spiritual health flourishes, allowing them to move forward with renewed strength and purpose.

education and job placement

In our unwavering commitment, we guide our girls to choose their desired path of education or life skills and transform those aspirations into reality. Building valuable connections throughout the city, we ensure that upon completing their education, our girls are seamlessly connected with job opportunities. This approach not only empowers them to pursue their dreams but also opens doors to a brighter and more fulfilling life than they ever imagined.

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