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Turning Dreams into Reality: Rocsana's Hope and the Orphaned Girls of Guatemala

It all started with the inspiration of two very special young ladies who were orphaned but needed help when they aged out of their orphanage. With nowhere to go and no one to help them, we started with these two vulnerable young ladies. Had that very first mission trip not happened, then it is very likely that there would be no Rocsana’s Hope today.

The ministry was conceived when it was realized that there are virtually no programs or social services available in Guatemala for orphan girls once they age out of their respective orphanages. There are also no private ministries or organizations that are dedicated solely to this group of young women. Most of these girls have nowhere to go, no one to help them, and most of them are not ready to enter Guatemalan society and be able to survive. Consequently, many of these vulnerable young girls become targets for traffickers and other people who want to exploit them.

Who We Are

Rocsana’s Hope is an Olathe, Kansas-based international non-profit that brings life-changing care and development to older orphaned and vulnerable girls. We are a unique and innovative ministry that gives young girls, who have “aged-out” of their orphanage, a place of love and security where they can continue to grow and develop into capable independent adults; able to take care of themselves and thrive in their culture and community.

why we exist

Guardians of Innocence: We Fight Against the Exploitation of Girls

Rocsana’s Hope is specifically focusing on one of the most vulnerable demographics in Guatemala and offering them the help and assistance they so desperately need. As each day goes by, more and more girls are being scooped up by traffickers and other people who wish to exploit them. Consider the following:

  • 33 people become entrapped in sex trafficking rings in Guatemala every single day.
  • Girls that are aging out of orphanages at 18 are TEN TIMES more likely to become a victim of human trafficking and forced prostitution than other girls the same age
  • Gangs in Guatemala search for and watch orphanages so that they may capture one of these girls for their demented purposes.
  • Also, Traffickers often target poor, uneducated and unemployed women and girls, luring them with false promises of earning money as a waitress or model.
  • Poverty is one of the biggest drivers of sex trafficking in Guatemala where three in
  • five people live on less than $3.10 a day.
  • The system is also fueled by widespread sexual abuse in the home, low levels of education, having few opportunities for economic growth and a family history of domestic violence.

Confronting the Past

Most young ladies at Rocsana’s Hope have faced unspeakable horrors in their young lives. It’s crucial to address and confront the consequences of their past experiences. Counseling and ministry start promptly upon their arrival to assist them in facing and overcoming their traumatic pasts.

Impacting the Present

We aim to provide a refuge and support for every young lady at Rocsana’s Hope in San Lucas, Guatemala. Our fully equipped facility can accommodate up to 20 girls, but we have found that anywhere from 5-10 girls at any one time is optimal. Our home offers rest, nutritious food, comfortable living spaces, and education. Most importantly, they discover the love of a Heavenly Father and caring adults, providing a godly love many have never experienced before.

Hope For the Future

At Rocsana’s Hope, we prioritize providing education for every girl, often starting from seventh or eighth grade and guiding them to high school graduation. Simultaneously, we assist them in choosing a career path with demand and enroll them in relevant programs to acquire valuable skills for the job market, ensuring a brighter future that, perhaps for the very first time, has REAL HOPE.

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our team

Meet the team that is making our mission a reality in Guatemala

Stan & Denise Nelson

Director & Founders
Stan and Denise got their start in orphan ministry in Santa Cruz del Quiché, Guatemala where they worked specifically with the older girls helping them transition out. They realized the need was truly great and subsequently founded Rocsana's Hope as a full-time transitional ministry for older orphan girls.

Selvin and Luckey Cosajay and family

Ministry House Parents
Selvin and Luckey joined the staff of Rocsana’s Hope right from the start. Their family of five which includes their three daughters Jimena, Pamela, and Ana Maria live full-time at hour ministry home in San Lucas. They take care of all the day-to-day activities and everything that is needed to keep the ministry running according to our program. They have been nothing short of amazing. They are a true gift from God and honor the call put on their lives to serve the Lord who in turn helps them to truly make a difference in every single young lady that comes to our program.

Jeff & Esther McClaran

Staff Missionaries
In 2018, Jeff joined forces with Stan to establish a unique ministry aimed at assisting young girls who had grown up as orphans in Guatemala, facing limited hope and susceptibility to human traffickers. Their collaboration was swift, driven by a shared sense of God's calling. Esther, moved by empathy for these girls and a personal understanding of their struggles, felt compelled to join the cause. As Jeff and Esther's ministry, God Said Go Missions, expanded, their commitment to supporting Rocsana's Hope endured, with the organization remaining a cherished home for their endeavors.
our founder's story

Stan's Amazing Journey

The genesis of Rocsana’s Hope can be traced to 2014 when Stan Nelson, initially uninterested in mission trips, found himself in Guatemala. Initially resistant to mission trips, Stan’s journey began with an invitation to Nicaragua, which was later derailed due to passport issues. A year later, an opportunity arose to visit Guatemala. Two months before the planned trip and in an organizational meeting for the trip, he saw almost all of the adults backing out from going, each with a different reason. He found himself discouraged with this development and announced during that meeting that he was going to call and cancel the entire trip. However, inspired by his daughter-in-law to first go back home and pray before making that decision, God confirmed to him that He wanted the greatly reduced team to still go and decided to proceed with a smaller team, including his in-laws.

The trip turned out to be a turning point with life-changing ramifications. Once he saw and witnessed the real face of what orphans really were, and seeing the struggles firsthand, his life was forever changed. Deeply impacted by this, he recognized the need and could no longer look away.

Stan’s personal transformation was sparked by experiencing the joy and gratitude of these children, prompting a shift from his self-centered life. Rocsana, the first girl welcomed into their home, marked the beginning of their commitment to helping orphaned girls navigate the challenges of adulthood.

Recognizing the lack of resources for girls aging out of orphanages, Stan and his wife returned to the U.S. to establish Rocsana’s Hope in 2018. The ministry addresses the spiritual, emotional, educational, and practical needs of these young women.

Stan reflects on the life-altering decision not to cancel the initial mission trip, expressing gratitude for the life-changing experience. The story emphasizes the transformative power of a reluctant mission trip, leading to the creation of Rocsana’s Hope and impacting the lives of orphaned girls in Guatemala.

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